Basement Makeover

Just the right size

Thanks to Aimee and all her hard work. I love this girl!

Our basement has been long overdue for a makeover. It’s not a finished basement so it’s not much to look at, but there are a few distinguishable areas created down there and things haven’t really ever fallen into the right places until now. A few weeks ago, Caleb’s Uncle Timmy helped install some shelves for us to store hysterical stuff which allowed us to get rid of 3 pallets and save some space in the process. That’s right I said hysterical, you know the historical stuff people get hysterical about when you throw it away. We went through our things and picked a few items for a yard sale pile, placed them on the shelves, moved some things into the storm shelter, organized the play area, and a little sweeping before calling it a day.

Time flew by today and Caleb was a great little guy roaming all over the basement with his cars in hand. This kid has quite a thing for toy cars. He’s getting a little more creative with his noises too! He makes the rumbling sound of big and little cars, does a little sound for cars when they crash into something, and today he did a noise for a siren. He plays so well by himself as long as you are not that far away.

Aimee showed me a few things that belonged to her grandparents like the details of her mom’s birth weight, size, and time of delivery nestled into an envelope with a one and a half cent stamp on it. Another item was a note her grandma jotted about attending a single room school for multiple grades. One statement  was, “if you are sick you ride home with the mail man.”

Can I get change for a penny, please?

1 and 1/2 cent stamp


Here’s a little video of the “before cleanup” not that I have an after to compare it to just putting something other than Caleb on here for a change.

Now here’s one of Caleb!

Just the right size

Just the right size chair for this guy



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