Caleb had a swinging day

Caleb in the bounce houseCaleb and I had a pretty good day today even though Aimee had to work. We headed over to Steve's house at 1045 am to deliver some Torano cigars for today's Fumadores Cigar Club event at Elk Creek. I hope the guys had a good time. Their plans were to shoot some clay pigeons, take a wine tour, and some quality cigars with friends. By the time we made it back to the house Caleb was ready for his nap. Our newest neighbors, Bobby and Amber had a birthday party for their 4 year old Aiden and Caleb slept through the entire party. We stopped by after he woke up and spent some time playing with Aiden and his daddy. We even got to jump in the bounce house for a little while before heading home.
Caleb in the bounce house

Bounce house fun!

Once home, we went to the play area in the basement to hang up Caleb's swing from IKEA. Caleb got a wild kick out of the hammer-drill while I was putting the swing up and he had a great time giving the swing a test drive with mommy. He was so comfortable in the swing by himself he almost fell asleep. It was very cute!
First swing ever!

First swing ever!

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