Caleb just wants to dance

Our kid loves to dance! If you attended Travis and Sarah’s wedding in early October you would have had an excellent demonstration of this boy’s skills. The video of Caleb below isn’t much of a dance just some good head bobbing while eating breakfast and listening to some tunes.

Now for the tech talk… This video was shot on a piece of equipment I hope to use to share a lot more content with you. It was shot with the all new Re camera by HTC. This handy dandy little periscope-looking camera is categorized as a lifestyle camera and can be ranked up there with the GoPro action camera. It has a 16 MP camera, can shoot in slow motion, records in high definition, and is water proof right out of the box.

If you are interested in purchasing the HTC Re as a Christmas present for a lucky someone try using the link below to do your shopping.

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