Caleb says a few words

Caleb sports a Hurley shirt

First of all, I can’t believe my last post on this blog was in mid-January! I’m sorry to those back home who tune in often and have nothing new to see here. Sometimes I have a hard time gathering my thoughts of all the new things Caleb is doing and expressing them onto the site. I am going to make a better effort to add content weekly and to get the site back in tip-top shape!

The day Caleb had tubes put in his ears

The day Caleb had tubes put in his ears

Aimee caught this video the other day while Caleb enjoyed some oatmeal for breakfast. Since Caleb received tubes in his ears a few weeks ago he seems to no longer favor bananas so oatmeal has become a good fall back choice after a week full of eating eggs. In the video below, Caleb manages to mumble a few words to the camera in between spoon fulls of his meal. Enjoy!

Grrr… The site isn’t letting me embed the video like I want to so you’ll have to click the link below to watch it on my YouTube channel.

Caleb eats some oatmeal

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