Caleb Turns Five Years Old

On Friday, August 1st we had the wonderful opportunity of celebrating Caleb’s fifth birthday with friends at Severns Valley Baptist Church at the In-door playground and rock climbing wall.

When Caleb woke up the morning of his birthday, he thought he had to wait until his birthday party to turn five. He jumped for joy when we told him the entire day was his birthday and that he was already five when he climbed out of bed. He opened a few gifts in the morning from Mommy, Daddy, and grandparents and he hung out with Daddy before the big event.


Gabrielle EliseThanks to all who joined us in person, telephone, and through social media to celebrate Caleb’s birthday! You really helped us make him feel very loved on his special day.

After the party, I took Caleb’s buddy Tyler to the hospital where he met up with his mom who was in labor and welcomed Gabrielle Elise into the world that evening. Caleb now shares a birthday with his buddy Tyler’s little sister!

Now for a geek moment! I have a Canon DSLR camera, but for this event I opted to only use my HTC One M8 smartphone. I trust in the quality of the camera and paired with my monopod and HTC Fetch accessories I stretched my camera up high and held it low for some great shots in the playground area. Unfortunately, I had a battery issue with the HTC Fetch and didn’t get to use it much as a remote shutter, but I was able to set the shutter timer in the camera settings on my phone for a hands free snap. Afterwards, my phone helped me quickly put together a custom media slideshow of the event which I am sharing below along with a bunch of still photos for more of a detailed recap.

Hmmm, the Flickr set isn’t posting like I’ve done in the past. CLICK HERE to see the gallery.



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