Camping at Otter Creek

The weather this weekend couldn’t have been any better for a camping adventure in October. I left work an hour early, packed up the Vera Cruz and headed to Otter Creek, which is a few miles on the other side of Fort Knox, with Aimee and Caleb. This was Caleb’s first time camping and although he sounded anxious when he repeated, “We’re going camping!” He really had no idea what he was in for. We met up at the camp site with our friends Art and Lauren who had their 2 kids Ethan and Maya with them and were later joined by another friend, Phil. Caleb enjoyed running around with Ethan and Maya and throwing sticks in the fire. When it neared his bedtime he told us he wanted to go home and although he let out a short cry when we laid him down he slept perfectly in our tent.

Our nighttime activities included eating brats and hot dogs, apple pie moonshine, cigars, roasted marshmallows, sitting by the fire, and a trip to a haunted forest. The next day Aimee whipped up some excellent breakfast burritos followed by a stroll around the camp site on the Strider. Later another friend and her kids joined us for some fun in the stream and a hike on the nature trails which are perfect for walkers, mountain bikers, and horse back riding. A little while after we made it out of the woods from the hike we headed home and relaxed.

Caleb did very well and I’m sure the next time we say, “We’re going camping” he will know exactly what we are talking about.

Below is a slideshow of our trip, a video of Caleb by the fire, and a still shot of a spider Lauren found looking for a place to have some lunch!

Scary shot of spider with fly



  1. Rebecca says:

    Love him!!!! Give him big hugs and kisses for me!!!

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