Making of: Airport Pickup – NSD Vlog Ep 3

First of all thanks to Lynda Miles for extending an invite to my family on her Florida vacation with Mike and THE KIDS (typed in big letters, because they're big kids!). In the second episode of our Not So Daily Vlog, Caleb and I do our best to … [Read more...]

Making of: Not so daily vlog episode 1

Saturday was a manageable, but busy day for the Medders Nation Men. Let no schedule stand in our way for we will conquer it... well... maybe a few minutes later than anticipated, but a victory is a victory. I'm calling this the "Not so daily vlog" … [Read more...]

Wet and wild adventure to Leitchfield Aquatic Center

School might be back in session, but that doesn't mean we can't try to find one more summer adventure before everything closes up. Yesterday we ventured to Leitchfield for some fun in the water. Since school has started the Aquatic Center in … [Read more...]

How to cliff jump at the rock quarry in Kentucky Lake

The Medders Nation joined the Barzee Nation for a glorious family reunion at a resort on the banks of the Kentucky Lake. The rock quarry was a short boat ride across the lake from where we were staying and I was super excited to get a chance to jump … [Read more...]

Party time at Conder’s Paintball

Caleb loves his cousins and he also loves birthday parties so when he heard that Bryce was having a party at Conder's he was all in. Bryce comes from a family of paintball players; Dad, big bro Michael and big bro Jonathan all play and now he's at a … [Read more...]

Caleb just wants to dance

Our kid loves to dance! If you attended Travis and Sarah's wedding in early October you would have had an excellent demonstration of this boy's skills. The video of Caleb below isn't much of a dance just some good head bobbing while eating breakfast … [Read more...]

Caleb Turns Five Years Old

On Friday, August 1st we had the wonderful opportunity of celebrating Caleb's fifth birthday with friends at Severns Valley Baptist Church at the In-door playground and rock climbing wall. When Caleb woke up the morning of his birthday, he thought … [Read more...]

Bedtime Prayer with Caleb

This is the prayer Caleb and I say every night before he closes his eyes. Thank you God for this day. Thank you for my mommy and daddy. Thank you for my friends and family. Thank you for my health and safety. Thank you for your … [Read more...]

No Matter The Cost

I'm starting to read a book with some courageous men in my life called, No Matter The Cost by Vance Brown and felt like sharing a little with the one or two of you visiting this site. This book was inspired by a guy who found a group of guys that … [Read more...]

The Joy of Heartland Montessori School

There are so many days like today where I am so thankful for the wonderful school Caleb attends (Heartland Montessori School). This month the kids are learning about American history and today they took a time out to learn about Election Day. Mrs. … [Read more...]