Google offering a sweetheart deal for Chromecast owners

Attention fellas! Google has your back this Valentine's Day with an offer for Chromecast owners that's impossible to turn down. Google wants you to treat your sweetheart to a movie night at home with a $6 credit in the Play store. Honestly, you … [Read more...]

How to use Quick Settings on the Motorola Droid Turbo

Android's Quick Settings has been around long before Apple came up with a similar tray of settings and different manufacturers like to tweak or in the case of the Droid Turbo, not tweak this tray. The Motorola Droid Turbo on the Verizon Wireless … [Read more...]

How to take a screenshot using the Motorola Droid Turbo

When I get a new phone to demo or for personal use one of the first things I need to figure out is how to capture what I see on the screen into a picture. This task is often called or referred to as a screenshot or print screen. In the past, Android … [Read more...]

How to Set Up Your New Google Chromecast

One of Google's latest creations the Chromecast has been on the market for a few months now and I have finally jumped on the bandwagon. Part of the main reason I held out was mostly due to my own ignorance on how flexible this product really is. I … [Read more...]

How to add Windows to a USB Drive to Install on a Netbook

I am in the process of installing Windows XP on an HP Mini netbook and wanted to share a bit about the process I just had to go through to get here. First the back story... We recently sold this netbook at a yard sale. The funny thing was we … [Read more...]

The Best Tips For Winning Big With Giveaways

Hello everyone! I'm very excited to tell anyone willing to listen to me that I won a Jawbone JAMBOX wireless speaker thanks to a giveaway via Cricket Wireless. The wireless speaker connects via Bluetooth to any smartphone, tablet or one of those … [Read more...]

Requesting your help! Like the MyTMC app on Facebook

Hello Friends and Family! Thanks for taking the time to visit MeddersNation and also to read (and act on) this post. Please help me spread the word about the MyTMC app for Android and Apple devices. WAIT! If you don't have any of these device … [Read more...]

Geeksgiving Fundraiser for the Home of the Innocents

Today from noon until 9pm ET, I am teaming with the mighty folks at the Louisville Digital Association (LDA) in their first annual Geeksgiving charity event. This call to action was initiated by Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer to "Give A Day week of … [Read more...]

Louisville Digital Association Meet-Up

After a long day at the office I drove to Louisville with my buddy Jack Daniel Taylor to socialize at the Louisville Digital Association meet-up at the Water Tower. The meeting was convened by recently announced President, Jay Garmon and the guest … [Read more...]