Choo! Choo! All Aboard!

Wow! Caleb and Daddy had a wonderful day at the Kentucky Railway Museum in New Haven, KY today. Thanks to a recent deal on LivingSocial, we had two half-priced tickets to what turned out to be quite a thrilling adventure back in time.

Horse-drawn carriages were trotting around in the parking lot as we found a place to park at the train station. The place was packed, so we jumped in line to claim our tickets and then headed over to the loading dock were western characters were standing by waving their guns and ready to lasso the young ones if they strayed too far away from their parents. As soon as we heard the call, “All aboard!” we made our way to the main door to board the train and begin our journey.

While the train was in motion, the Marshall, a sheriff and his deputies made their rounds through the cabins and Caleb even got to hand the conductor his ticket when he came by.

We made a stop at a local market in Boston, KY where the sheriff confronted a couple of thieves and got into a little shoot out, but the thieves were no match for the sheriff and his deputy as they took them to the ground. Several of the officers showed off their marksmanship as a man threw up a coin and they shot them out of the sky putting a hole in each coin that went up. Can you believe it? They never missed a coin as they shot at them with blank bullets! It was cool, because they gave many of the kids the piece of metal after it hit the ground.

On the way back, the wounded thief and his gang surrounded the train with their horses and got into a shoot out with all of the officers on board. The gang came onto the train and held the lawmen at gunpoint while they looted the train; which is being donated to charity, but I can’t remember which one. They had all the passengers put their hands in the air as they searched the train for money bags and whatever cash they could get from the passengers. Then, they rode off into the sunset and we headed back to the train station to check out the museum and meet with the cast. And… horse rides for the kids!

All-in-all, we were there for about three hours and Caleb was very patient and had an absolute blast! He held up his finger making gunshot noises as he retold his adventure to his mamma when he got home. I would definitely recommend the train ride to local friends and especially if you’re willing to pay the two extra dollars to go on a day when they are having a special event like the train robbery.

And… horse rides for the kids!

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