December Update: Yes, We’re Still Alive!

It’s been a busy time for me lately; at work, school, and church activities so I’m sorry it’s been a while since my last post.

The Medders Nation is doing very well just so you know. Aimee finished her school semester maintaining a 4.0 GPA, and Caleb is talking and running around faster than we can keep up sometimes. We had a nice get together with Aimee’s family for Thanksgiving at John and Beth’s house where Caleb got to play with a bunch of his cousins.

On a sad note, the other day I sold my amazing smartphone that I owned for almost 2 years. The HTC HD2 was the best phone I ever had, but I got a great price for it and if I waited any longer it might not have been the case, so there is my upside. Sorry to mention my phone in this post, but those of you reading this probably know I’m very passionate about phones.

We bought a new camera on Black Friday so we can capture Caleb’s moments in better quality to share with you. The camera is a Canon Rebel T3 DSLR and performs far better than our previous point and shoot, pocket camera. Included below are some single shots and a slideshow of pics from this week.

This week I provided technical support for a workshop at our most capable conference room on base at the General Patton Museum and captured a couple pics while I was there. I brought our camera to work that day, because there was a rumor Kid Rock might make an appear at the Meals for Soldiers event also happening at the museum. Unfortunately, the rock star was a no-show, but it was fun to spread the rumor and the excitement was welcomed among the museum staff.

Also check out the cool soap stone ice cubes I bought online. These are great for chilling bourbon without watering down the grand flavor of a good drink (Basil Hayden in this case). The stones get rinsed after each use and then stored in the freezer. Want to keep your drink warm? Toss a couple in the microwave for 30 seconds and BAM! Keeps your drink warm. That’s awesome!

This weekend we are headed to French Lick to stay in a hotel with an indoor water park for some summer-like fun. This town has a deep history with some beautiful buildings and we are also expecting the Christmas decorations to be pretty cheerful.

I hope everyone is doing well. On a side note, I am pleased to announce my younger sister found out recently that they are expecting a baby girl next summer. Congrats, Francisco, Rebecca, and Isabella! We can’t wait to meet her!

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