End of March Madness

Well it’s the final day in March and the Louisville Cardinals compete against the Kentucky Wildcats tonight at 6:09 pm ET. Best wishes to both teams and although I’m not rooting for a specific team, I do think it would be cool to see the Cards pull the obvious victory away from the Wildcats.

I heard a funny saying today while we were at the Easter egg hunt:

What kind of seeds to Cardinal birds eat? #1 seeds!

Any who, it’s been a good week. Caleb and Aimee are doing well; Aimee scored some great #’s on her tests & speech this week. In just over a week from now they’ll be on their way to the beach with Aunt Lynda and cousin Austin during spring break while I hold down the fort.

The pictures below are from March. A couple of weeks ago, we went on a walk/run while Caleb rode his Strider and a portion of the way back I found myself in a full-on sprint while Caleb coasted down a steep hill at approximately 8-10 MPH (let’s not ask this girl how far he would’ve gone in an hour, m-kay). It was so exciting to see him with his feet locked in place and his game face on as he charged down this hill on a slightly curved road. When we got to the bottom he told me he had a lot of fun. He’s such a thrill seeker!

There’s also a few pictures of our trip today to Grace Heartland Church, where we participated in an Easter egg hunt with a bunch of other kiddos and parents. Caleb was a little nervous at first, mostly because the music in the gym was so loud and there were lots of people. He had a really fun time and there were tons of eggs for all the kids. Thanks Grace Heartland Church!

On the way home we passed a localĀ restaurant where several nice Corvettes were parked out front. Since I had the camera with us, we swung back around to snap a few shots before we made it to the house. Enjoy and Happy Easter!

Oh and on a side note, my younger sister Rebecca is having contractions and may be headed to the hospital today for delivery! Congrats Garcia family!

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