Freeman Lake Trails on a Strider

A little over a week ago I took Caleb to stride the trails Daddy rides his mountain bike on with his buddies and below are some pictures and video of his experience. Caleb had a very fun time and I enjoyed watching him climb and coast the hills as well as break for a snack and investigate a stream.

We arrived at the parking lot. Helmet… Check, Strider Prebike… Check, Excited Strider Rider… Check! We headed down the trail which migrates from a gravel top to dirt with a few sturdy wooden bridges throughout the ride. After we stopped for a snack, I did have to carry him and his gear at one point, but he remembered we were there to ride and requested to do so after a quick break on my shoulders. He played with some rocks, leaves, and got to wave at a bunch of ducks before we headed home. Round trip for us was just under 3 miles.

Caleb’s Strider is one of my favorite tools we have bought him to date. It is so rewarding to watch him ride and I love hearing him request to ride his bike.


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