Google offering a sweetheart deal for Chromecast owners

Attention fellas! Google has your back this Valentine’s Day with an offer for Chromecast owners that’s impossible to turn down. Google wants you to treat your sweetheart to a movie night at home with a $6 credit in the Play store.

Honestly, you can spend the $6 credit on anything you want as long as it is from available in the Play store. Some gushy movies that are currently available to rent include:

I don’t know how long this offer will be available so if you haven’t claimed Google’s latest offer you better get to it. To redeem the $6 credit launch the Chromecast app from your phone while you are on the same wireless network as your Chromecast device. Select the device from the list. Tap the drop down menu at the top right and select “Check for Offers”. If it’s your first time there you might have more than one offer available, but when you click on this offer you will be directed to the Play store and the credit will be applied.

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