Happy Birthday to Caleb!

This week we celebrated Caleb’s third birthday. We all had so much fun on his special day! A water slide, slip-n-slide, cookie cake, and lots of little friends filled our backyard.

Thank you to everyone who celebrated with us!

It was so cute to hear Caleb sing “Happy Birthday” to himself throughout the week and to see how excited he was the day of his party. We brought out some water slides and let the kiddos cool off as streaming music filled the air. Aunt Lynda created an awesome treasure hunt for all the kids to participate in to help Caleb find his present! A special thanks to all those who helped out; you made the day that much more of a treat for us.

It already seems like Caleb is more mature and fitting right into the role of a three year old. Our little “Baby Caleb” is growing so fast! Here’s a slideshow from his birthday party: Enjoy!

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