How to cliff jump at the rock quarry in Kentucky Lake

The Medders Nation joined the Barzee Nation for a glorious family reunion at a resort on the banks of the Kentucky Lake. The rock quarry was a short boat ride across the lake from where we were staying and I was super excited to get a chance to jump the cliffs. The video below highlights our jumps off the area I called the mediums. Later, I’ll add the footage of the higher point we jumped off of.

Safety first! There’s a few simple steps to jumping in the water from high ground.

  1. Pick your spots. Find even ground to jump from and look over the edge so you know approximately where you want to hit the water. Also pay attention to any objects you will want to avoid on the way down or in the water.
  2. Tuck your hands to your side. Before you splash you will want to tuck you hands, because slapping the water hurts.
  3. Hold your breath. Wait until just before impact so you don’t lose your breath while under water.
  4. Close your eyes! I wear contacts so this is a must to prevent them from falling out.

One of the worst things you could do is run to the edge and stop. Other people are jumping from the same area so the path is most likely wet and you could easily lose traction. That’s how people slip and hit the rock wall on the way down.

If you have more tips for jumping off cliffs please let me know in the comments section at the bottom.

For info about the quarry check out this link I found:

In case you were wondering I used Caleb’s blue HTC Re camera to record our adventure in high definition. The camera is waterproof (no special case required!). Check out AMAZON for their latest deals on the HTC Re.

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