Just another week and lots of cars…

Not much to report from last week so sorry this is a bit late. For some reason I feel like I have a video to share with you, but… oh wait… now I remember, it’s on the HTC Freestyle, a demo phone I have. Running upstairs to see if I can get the video online and attached to this post, stand by.

Okay, I’m back. Believe it or not that actually took about 20 minutes, but I’ll save you the boring details.

Early last week, I had the pleasure to give my son a bath and thankfully this video was shot moments after he sat in the water. We try to deter him from drinking his bath water, but that doesn’t stop him from always trying. I guess I shouldn’t have encouraged him by recording this, but then you wouldn’t get to enjoy his infectious laugh. He thought he was so funny as he made the spitting sound you’ll hear when you watch the video below.

Caleb is massively obsessed with cars! He honestly says, “cars” a few dozen times a day, he takes them to his chair when he eats, he pushes his food around as if the pieces were cars, we can’t leave a room without stopping to grab the car(s) he brought when he entered, when it’s time to go somewhere he says, “cars” and runs to his pile and grabs a couple, he’d sleep with them if we’d let him (okay, I let him once). He makes lots of car noises like; shifting gears, screeching tires, crash sounds, he even has higher and lower VROOM sounds for big and small vehicles. He even does BRRRT for motorcycles! I’ve taught him to say the names of a few of them: corvette, hummer, bus, truck, jeep, and motorcycle.

A few things to point out before you preview the slideshow:

  1. We are starting a new thing which involves a pic of us on Sunday. It’s just the one day of the week we are together as a family for the entire day and we want to capture the moment. Plus, Aimee really enjoys seeing Caleb in white shirts which is why we started snapping shots in the first place.
  2. As mentioned above, Caleb LOVES cars and you will see him playing with cars in some of these pictures, but also notice he’s wearing shirts with cars on them in a couple of shots. Completely random detail that shows we are subliminally brainwashing this kid to love cars and didn’t even realize it. I love the one Aimee took of him stuffing the Texas  Roadhouse apron with cars. Which one is your favorite photo? Leave a comment below with your favorite picture.

Happy Independence Day everyone!


  1. You should send the bathtub video in Funny Videos!

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