Listen to my Smart Guy Talk

Some of you visiting this site have never met Caleb, some of you met him before he could speak or before he spoke this much so here’s a couple of clips of him talking. The video quality is not the greatest since my goal was mainly to record his voice, but until I come up with a better method this what you get. The video with the cars is very deserving of a visual aide so I guess this will do for now.

Saying Our Names:

Caleb’s teacher at Montessori school, Ms. Brit taught him how to clearly say his name as well as mine and Aimee’s first and last names. His teacher says he is a very quick learner so hopefully that will play to our advantage when he starts potty training.

Name that car:

Caleb has quite a few toy cars, mostly handed down, but equally valued by him since he plays with all of them so often. One of my favorite play time events with him is sitting on the floor pushing cars back and forth to each other and naming the cars as we push them. I love that he can easily remember the types of cars we play with and how he can even spot them as we are driving down the road or walking in a parking lot.


  1. Such a smart boy! I love the way he says EARF!

  2. Elena Boen says:

    How old is Caleb?

    I have a son who’ll be 3 on May 7th, and a daughter who’ll be 2 on April 20th.

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