Making of: 1st Annual Kentucky Craft Beer Festival video

I started working on this video in late June, but it kind of got sidelined for a while for no real reason at all. Just the typical me struggling to finish a task.

Case and point. Today I loaded the dishwasher, but left 2 things sitting on the counter, technically holding me up from marking the task off my list. WTF?

Anyways, I uploaded this video to YouTube early one morning this week and now I’ve added the tags and description that I think should accompany the video on it’s journey  on the Internet.

I really want to thank my brother-in-law, Allen for letting me use the music from his band, Mays Run in my video. They’re a local band with a lot of talent and I thought they were a perfect match for a beer festival rooted in Kentucky and a couple of surrounding states.

The beer festival was refreshing. I think I paid something like $35 for a VIP ticket that got me into the drinking area an hour before regular admission and a t-shirt. Early entry was crucial, because near the end of the venue the breweries started running out of alcohol and some people were just walking in the doors. *Note if you plan to attend next year, get the VIP tickets!

I was able to use an intro and outro from my new source for customizable video renders and I got to try out a new alpha technique when introducing the Blue Stallion beers.  Here’s a list of all the beers that were on tap at the event.

Craft Beer List

In the video you get to hear me slurring some words which is all courtesy of the fine brews that were on hand at the 2016 Kentucky Craft Beer Festival. My second beer of the day had at least 10% alcohol content and was good to the last drop.

Check out the video and let me know what you think.


  1. You are so honestly funny

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