Making of: Airport Pickup – NSD Vlog Ep 3

First of all thanks to Lynda Miles for extending an invite to my family on her Florida vacation with Mike and THE KIDS (typed in big letters, because they’re big kids!).

In the second episode of our Not So Daily Vlog, Caleb and I do our best to track our journey of picking the family up at the airport. Everyone was anxious to see each other and Gwyneth’s reaction was priceless and something I was happy to capture on video. Be ready to smile when you hear her!

Keep in mind that my HTC Re is small and doesn’t have a viewfinder so I’m not stuck watching real-time events from behind a tiny screen. I just point in the direction I want to record and the wide-angle lens does the rest. I do sacrifice a little in the audio department, but post-editing allows me to try to fix those unavoidable issues.

Editing was pretty simple, but still took me a couple of hours to complete. The music selection took the longest and then I got brave and decided to edit to the music in one of the scenes. Let me know what you think of that part.

How about that intro? I like the way “Medders Nation Creations” rings and the format of the video to include other text like the episode title and name of the Vlog. I’ve been using the same outro for the past few videos, but that will most likely change when I’m not so wore out and just keep grabbing the same clip, because it’s already rendered.

I added some text effects like the time stamp and a note to include Aimee’s sister in the vlog since I didn’t have much video time with Lynda in this episode.

I tried to add some scenes where we were not so attached to the camera, but at the same time I showed a part where I was retrieving the camera to imply I needed it to go forward.

I hope you liked my second video in the Vlog series. The 3rd episode is nearly ready to upload and then I may take a break for a few days to recuperate. Although we do have soccer and a meeting at Caleb’s school tomorrow afternoon.

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