Making of: Not so daily vlog episode 1

Saturday was a manageable, but busy day for the Medders Nation Men. Let no schedule stand in our way for we will conquer it… well… maybe a few minutes later than anticipated, but a victory is a victory.

I’m calling this the “Not so daily vlog” and it will be a series of videos recording throughout the day. Caleb likes to make videos with me and I need to work on things like being in front of the camera, speaking more naturally, editing, and growing an online presence. 

Overall, I had almost 70 pictures and videos taken during the day for this project. Caleb took a few on the soccer field and he even interviewed his lead soccer coach without prompting. I let him take the camera while he and his two buddies follow Coach Joey and the rest of us measured out the other fields that needed to be painted.

I wish I would have recorded while we were in the Schwinn shop. Some of you know my history with BMX and walking into this bike store always spark memories of hanging out in Bike Trax. Plus the main guy at the shop was incredibly helpful with the shirt Caleb tried on and getting the right patches for our den. He didn’t push any extra stuff, but when I asked about them he casually pulled them out and gave me options impacting my purchasing decisions.

I’m working on two more days of video right now and I just re-uploaded this video, because I tweaked more since adding it to YouTube Sunday morning.

Side note – If you didn’t notice I uploaded this video already, but wish that you did you can Subscribe to my personal channel on YouTube and tap the setting to get notifications when I upload. I won’t always have time to make a blog post about the video so Subscribe for real-time publishing.

The series is going to be called Not So Daily Vlog and episodes will be published when time is available. Most people vlogging push out a daily video and while a lot of the content I see online is very good I’m new to the scene and need to balance between other things I’m working on plus family time.

Caleb and I had a fun filled day and he really liked taking the time to record some thoughts before activities. He has an awareness for the camera and can usually think of things to say in front of it. Check out the video and if you’re interested keep reading below to find out what it took to put it all together.

I re-uploaded this video, because I boosted the audio in a couple of areas like when Caleb talks about the donuts and when it’s time for lights out. The mics on my HTC Re can only pick up so much depending on where they are pointing and if we’re talking towards them so I’ll have to make adjustments to future videos where necessary.

I tried not to cut out too much and also tried to focus on speaking clearly without pauses so I wouldn’t have to do a bunch of editing afterwards.

Caleb is such a natural at video creating that he even recommended we shoot driving in the car and fast forwarding the playback in the video. He didn’t even know what fast forwarding was, but he described it perfectly so it had to go in.

Let me know what you thought of the time stamps I added when we stopped at some of the spots. Should I include that in future episodes? I don’t think I’ll record from sun up to sun set so it may not be that interesting to only see a minimum of one time stamp. Since we’re talking it out here, I’ll just create a rule that I’ll add the time if there’s more than one location or time reference in the final video.

I used a bunch of video and six or seven pictures in the final cut. I mostly pushed in to the pictures so I have to work on additional transitions so I am not repeating my only trick in the bag too often. When we arrived at Bryce’s birthday party I used the same animated arrow as I did in the video from the crawfish boil, but was able to flip it and shrink it to a suitable position for this video. These edits in Vegas Pro came in handy, because I didn’t have to create a reversed arrow and download it from my new site that renders.

Well, it’s almost midnight and I have 5 more videos to chop into my activities from today. Maybe I can get a render in before I fall asleep at my desk. Again.

On my To-Do list is create better thumbnails, but that’ll have to wait for another day.


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