Making of: Unexpected guest

You never know who will show up to these annual crawfish boil events. It might even be your EX! Tobin was a victim of an EX visit at Mike and Lynda’s “Miles Away Crawfish Boil” last weekend and here’s a little video I put together from the event.

I really must say I was so surprised to see Rhonda walking up the driveway. I couldn’t believe my eyes, because this person walking up was none other than the amazing Denise! Her husband has been a great tech friend of mine since about 2010 and he recently let me come to his office (after hours) to talk VR and demo my Vive to people. Well, he’s shared on social media, that his wife did singing telegram gigs so I knew exactly who this special lady was. It was kind of funny, because when I said I knew her she was in disbelief until I proved it.

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She then shot a quick video introducing her character and what was about to go down. I added a transition affect as the video switched from the driveway to the house, but it could have had a better delivery. I’m still playing with this feature, sorry.

Let’s take a walk inside.

Before Rhonda gets in the kitchen I speed up some of the video to get things moving and so you don’t have such a shaky experience as I’m looking for a good place to hold or place my RE camera.

As Rhonda walks into the kitchen I love how she doesn’t recognized Cedrick AKA Tobin and walks by him. At this point, Tobin is kindly trying to ignore this stranger, but she lets everyone know she’s here to see him and he has to sit down to take it all in.

Lynda gets involved when she confirms who Rhonda is here to see since Rhonda refers to her ex as Cedrick so I through in some alpha text for clarification, although I’m not sure if I spelled it the way it should have been. Just a minor detail in my book.

After moving the camera a couple of times I let it rest for a bit on the counter behind Tobin. Notice the perfect advertisement for the Miles Away Crawfish Boil. I used a cool little alpha arrow that unfolds and then retreats.

Once I move around and set my camera on a new spot on the counter I leave it alone for the remainder of the video.

Rhonda showered Tobin with some funny gag gifts and sang a few songs in his favor before getting the group to sing the birthday song to him.

Even though there was a lot of background noise I had to add some background music to this video. I felt like I had to drown out the other music, because I don’t have the right to upload it to YouTube or Facebook for that matter. The song I added to the background is royalty-free and can be used for your own purposes here: Glude – Breathe [NCS Release]

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