Natural Born Biker

I remember the day Aimee first heard about balance bikes for kids and how excited she was about getting Caleb one for his second birthday. She spent some time researching them online looking for the best deal and type of bike we should get. She happily extended her excitement to Caleb by introducing him to other kids riding prebikes in videos on and whenever he saw one of us going toward the computer he requested to watch “bike” videos.

When it came time to reveal his birthday present, he calmly walked over to his Strider and jumped right on as if he already knew what to do. A little shaky at first, he made his way up and down the driveway with a smile on his face!

We decided upon the Strider prebike because of the amazing customer reviews and the 2 year warranty. A prebike, or running bike teaches children to balance instead of teaching them to lean on training wheels. They are able to walk with the bike between their legs at as young as 18 months, work up to sitting on the seat while walking the bike, and finally running and gliding with their feet on the footrests. Kids love riding this bike even after they are able to ride a traditional bike….it’s so much fun!

Daddy and Caleb ride at least once a week and hope to maybe participate in the upcoming NBL Strider Cup in September during the NBL Grand Nationals, a race that daddy was in at the age of 16. Check out the video below and leave comments about how you think he is doing.

We paid a little extra to be in the referral program, so we get a kick-back for every bike sold using the promo code below. By using this code, you get FREE shipping, a 2 year warranty and a 60-day money back guarantee.  Please spread the word (and the promo code) to all of your friends/family looking for an awesome gift for a child!      Please visit:  promo code:  STRIDER2KYEL01    Thank you!




  1. Lauren says:

    Loved it!!! Caleb is getting so good at prebiking!!!! Can’t wait to see his progress in three more weeks:) Go Caleb!!!!

  2. How cool. Great to see how Caleb is progressing with the Strider. Great choice on the bike Aimee.

    Andy, You did a great job putting that video together!
    Thank you for sharing


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