Practice Egg Hunt

Caleb sits with the Easter Bunny

This weekend I had the opportunity to tag along with my in-laws, Allen & Beth for an egg hunt in New Haven. This is the first year Caleb can actually hunt for eggs and put them in his basket so it was fun getting a little practice in before the event at John & Beth’s house this coming weekend. Caleb was able to start a little earlier with the 2 and under crowd. Close behind him was his cousins, Bryce, Shelby, & Aubrey. The event was at one of Beth’s coworkers’ farms and had a lot to offer for guests. Thanks for letting us share in the fun Beth!


  1. Easter 2011 says:

    […] Mentioned in my last post was the pre-egg hunt Caleb was able to attend in New Haven, KY thanks to Allen and Beth (see previous post here). […]

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