Prebiking Around the House

Today is Caleb’s 2nd birthday and we bought him the Strider prebike. Tonight, after a little video chat action with the Medders Family Caleb strolled around the house on his new Strider. So far he has been a natural on this thing. Aimee showed him videos of other kids riding their prebikes for the past few weeks so when he saw his shiny red bike, which matches Daddy’s Gary Fisher mountain bike, he knew exactly what to do. I’ll post a video of his 1st encounter later this week when things calm down. Enjoy this video for now and feel free to leave Caleb some birthday wishes in the comment section below, thanks.



  1. Rebecca says:

    Love him!!!

  2. Nikki says:

    Aw this is just too cute!! He’s getting so big!! Happy birthday Caleb!!

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