Summer Fun at Holiday World and Splashin’ Safari

Fun in the water

On Thursday, we loaded up 3 vehicles with 14 people and voyaged to Santa Claus, IN for a day full of fun at Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari. We arrived as the park was opening, excitedly unloaded our cars, purchased our tickets with a group discount, and half the crew went to secure a shady spot in the water park where we spent most of our day and the rest headed for the roller coasters before the lines grew.

Caleb spent most of his time in the water park. Particularly in the area called Safari Sam’s SplashLand with the water slides pictured behind Renee and Caleb in the slidshow below. We brought a couple floatation devices for him, but he did rather well with us keeping a close eye on him so he didn’t wear one all of the day. Aimee held him while we drifted down the lazy river which he really enjoyed splashing around in. I was able to take him down some of the slides and chase him around in Mansoon Lagoon and Kima Bay, two similar areas with large play areas for children. The water was a bit chilly a times and you will see Caleb shiver for a couple seconds in the video embeded below though it didn’t slow him down much.

To see a detailed map of the park click HERE

Aimee and I had a chance to go on a couple water rides together; the ZOOMbabwe and the Zinga, and later one of the best roller coasters around, the Voyage. We enjoyed a funnel cake together and some soft serve blueberry and rasberry ice cream.

A few of us rode the large carnival like slide called the Jungle Racer. Tim and I caught air on the second bump on the way down. You will see a picutre of Tim starting to go airborn in the slideshow.

Splashin’ Safari closes before the rest of the park so we headed over to Holidog’s Funtown so the younger kids could play on the jungle gym equipment and slides. Caleb had fun in this area and also enjoyed driving his momma in down the Doggone Trail as it rode along side the Freedom Train.

A few of us paused for group shots with Santa as we prepared to leave the park and Caleb got to ride Prancer’s Merry-Go-Round while we waited for others to reach the rally point. Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari provided a funfilled day with lots to do for everyone. I highly recommend it for something close enough to visit in a day trip with the family. The family friendly park offers free soft drinks, free sunscreen, and reasonably priced meals.

Not pictured: Beth, Jon, Michael, Bryce, Jamilyn, & Jennye (Sorry!)

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