Caleb Turns Five Years Old

On Friday, August 1st we had the wonderful opportunity of celebrating Caleb's fifth birthday with friends at Severns Valley Baptist Church at the In-door playground and rock climbing wall. When Caleb woke up the morning of his birthday, he thought … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday to Caleb!

This week we celebrated Caleb’s third birthday. We all had so much fun on his special day! A water slide, slip-n-slide, cookie cake, and lots of little friends filled our backyard. Thank you to everyone who celebrated with us! It was so cute to … [Read more...]

Natural Born Biker

I remember the day Aimee first heard about balance bikes for kids and how excited she was about getting Caleb one for his second birthday. She spent some time researching them online looking for the best deal and type of bike we should get. She … [Read more...]

Prebiking Around the House

Today is Caleb's 2nd birthday and we bought him the Strider prebike. Tonight, after a little video chat action with the Medders Family Caleb strolled around the house on his new Strider. So far he has been a natural on this thing. Aimee showed him … [Read more...]