Caleb Turns Five Years Old

On Friday, August 1st we had the wonderful opportunity of celebrating Caleb's fifth birthday with friends at Severns Valley Baptist Church at the In-door playground and rock climbing wall. When Caleb woke up the morning of his birthday, he thought … [Read more...]

No Matter The Cost

I'm starting to read a book with some courageous men in my life called, No Matter The Cost by Vance Brown and felt like sharing a little with the one or two of you visiting this site. This book was inspired by a guy who found a group of guys that … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday to Caleb!

This week we celebrated Caleb’s third birthday. We all had so much fun on his special day! A water slide, slip-n-slide, cookie cake, and lots of little friends filled our backyard. Thank you to everyone who celebrated with us! It was so cute to … [Read more...]

Message from Caleb

To everyone out there, Caleb wants to tell you Happy Valentine's Day! … [Read more...]