Pool Time Fun

On Saturday, I stopped by Sean's dad's house to return a sump pump I borrowed recently and Caleb's buddy Mason was there testing out the waters of his little pool. Caleb helped Mason feel out the waters and they quickly began splashing wildly getting … [Read more...]

Mason’s First Birthday

Sean and Jenn's son Mason celebrated his first birthday on Sunday and we had the pleasure of attending and hanging out with all of Caleb's friends. Mommy and daddy's friends were there too so everyone had a good time. Mason had a large cupcake while … [Read more...]

Caleb and Mason play time!

I spent some time at Sean and Jenn's house tonight and Jenn uploaded this video of the boys playing together. Tonight they played really well together and both got tired and needed to be held together as well. Thanks for keeping an eye on … [Read more...]