Caleb just wants to dance

Our kid loves to dance! If you attended Travis and Sarah's wedding in early October you would have had an excellent demonstration of this boy's skills. The video of Caleb below isn't much of a dance just some good head bobbing while eating breakfast … [Read more...]

Message from Caleb

To everyone out there, Caleb wants to tell you Happy Valentine's Day! … [Read more...]

Listen to my Smart Guy Talk

Some of you visiting this site have never met Caleb, some of you met him before he could speak or before he spoke this much so here's a couple of clips of him talking. The video quality is not the greatest since my goal was mainly to record his … [Read more...]

Camping at Otter Creek

The weather this weekend couldn't have been any better for a camping adventure in October. I left work an hour early, packed up the Vera Cruz and headed to Otter Creek, which is a few miles on the other side of Fort Knox, with Aimee and Caleb. This … [Read more...]

Natural Born Biker

I remember the day Aimee first heard about balance bikes for kids and how excited she was about getting Caleb one for his second birthday. She spent some time researching them online looking for the best deal and type of bike we should get. She … [Read more...]

Prebiking Around the House

Today is Caleb's 2nd birthday and we bought him the Strider prebike. Tonight, after a little video chat action with the Medders Family Caleb strolled around the house on his new Strider. So far he has been a natural on this thing. Aimee showed him … [Read more...]

Just another week and lots of cars…

Not much to report from last week so sorry this is a bit late. For some reason I feel like I have a video to share with you, but... oh wait... now I remember, it's on the HTC Freestyle, a demo phone I have. Running upstairs to see if I can get the … [Read more...]

Summer Fun at Holiday World and Splashin’ Safari

On Thursday, we loaded up 3 vehicles with 14 people and voyaged to Santa Claus, IN for a day full of fun at Holiday World & Splashin' Safari. We arrived as the park was opening, excitedly unloaded our cars, purchased our tickets with a group … [Read more...]

This kid has some sweet moves!

First off, Happy Anniversary to the one I love! Aimee has been by my side for 4 years of marriage and I am very thankful for the road we have traveled so far. I look forward to many more years with this woman; my one and only. Thank you … [Read more...]

Basement Makeover

Thanks to Aimee and all her hard work. I love this girl! Our basement has been long overdue for a makeover. It's not a finished basement so it's not much to look at, but there are a few distinguishable areas created down there and things haven't … [Read more...]