Team Mexico watches LouCity FC Pro Soccer game

A few weeks after the Spring soccer season at EYSA wrapped up, the team got together to watch the pros play and take notes. We met at the Louisville Slugger Field for a match between LouCity FC and FC Cincinnati. Even though the game ended in a draw, Louisville looked to be the better team as they dominated much of the ball possession time. The kids had fun watching the games, but I would say the highlight was all the sweets they had while we were there. Caleb had birthday cake Dippin’ Dots as a treat.

I haven’t written on this website in one year and that disappoints me. I’m not gonna make any promises to make weekly posts, but I think I’m going to share about videos that I make for the other places I’m trying to be online and in the posts I’ll do a little break down of the video I created.

I’m such an amateur at video making, but I’ve been putting a lot of effort into it lately.

Let’s think of these posts as a safe-haven for posting constructive criticism on the videos you watch. Feel free to make suggestions of what I could do better or if you noticed an editing error. I’m even looking for you to tell me how the audio quality was. Was it too loud at the start-up or too soft while speaking to the camera? I need this kind of feedback, because I’m having trouble finding the sweet spot with the audio. In a few previous videos my vocals were way too low and I can tell it hurts how much they are viewed on YouTube.

Here’s one that’s hot off the press:

I recently found this video site that let’s me create intro and outro clips (and more!) with my own personal touches and render them very quickly. They just so happened to have a soccer clip and I was able to add a picture of Caleb’s soccer team on the big screen in the background. The video also had audio associated with it so I didn’t have to mess around finding an audio track that meshed with the intro video and edit them together.

The first picture was taken standing in the parking lot across the street from the Louisville Slugger Stadium. And the music that kicks off with this picture was found at my favorite channel for royalty free music, NoCopyrightSounds. All you have to do is download the track and give credit in the description of your video to where you found the music from.

Next is a video I sped up of Caleb playing at one of the playgrounds at the stadium. It’s kind of funny, because even though this clip is sped up Caleb is climbing at such a slow pace that he looks to be climbing at a normal pace while everyone else is zipping around.

After that are a couple of pics zooming in and then it cuts to video of two corner kick attempts by LouCity FC. I added an alpha clip of text saying “Corner Kicks” which timed out to be close to when I said, “Corner Kick” in the clip. I intentionally let the background music play louder than the audio from my recordings since I was just trying to make this something fun to watch and there’s not much to hear.

The next video is of Caleb ringing his cowbell that we received after walking through the ticket area. His tongue pops in and out while he focuses on the ringing of the bell. Funny kid!

Next, I added in a picture of all the kids from the team that were present. Two were missing that night, but we still had a pretty good turn out.

The final clip from the soccer match is of the kids hanging on this flat area between some seats. I set my camera on the same surface as the kiddos were sitting.

At the end of the video, I added a subscribe social clip with the link to my YouTube channel for instances where the viewer is watching it outside of YouTube and needs to be directed back. I also faded the audio clip out at the same time the video reel runs dry.

Well, there you have it. I spit out a bit of content with a higher word count than I’m usually able to produce on other topics (pats myself on back).

If you have something helpful to say about my writing or my video making please leave your remarks in the comments section below. Feel free to stay anonymous if you’d like, but either way I thank you for the feedback. Also, I’m very sleepy right now and have been dozing off while writing so if there are trails of text that don’t go anywhere I’m sorry about that.


  1. Carolyn Pearce says:

    Enjoyed sharing the day. Loved the explanation and tell Caleb we wish him a Happy Birthday. Wish we were there.

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