The Joy of Heartland Montessori School


There are so many days like today where I am so thankful for the wonderful school Caleb attends (Heartland Montessori School). This month the kids are learning about American history and today they took a time out to learn about Election Day. Mrs. Charlotte told me the kids received a ballot and had the opportunity to vote for their favorite color; since voting is their given right as an American. Not bad for a room full of 3-5 year olds! I think it is great that she uses current events to inform students on what is happening around them.

Here’s a brief recap of Caleb’s day:
»Line leader – lead the kids outside to the playground and told others what the weather forecast was for today.

»Voted for his favorite color in honor of election day. Told me he wanted to go vote with me when I picked him up.

»Showed me where Kentucky is on the map and he knows where daddy is from. He also knows that Maine has lobsters and Maryland had crabs.

»Learning letters and how they sound. Today’s homework is to practice the sounds for A, B, & C.

Thanks to Mrs. Charlotte and her staff for all the hard work they invest in my child every day.

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