This kid has some sweet moves!

First off, Happy Anniversary to the one I love! Aimee has been by my side for 4 years of marriage and I am very thankful for the road we have traveled so far. I look forward to many more years with this woman; my one and only. Thank you Aimee!

Caleb has been a busy guy. Last week he used the potty for the first time. He was too busy admiring his work that he neglected to celebrate with us while we cheered for him. Potty training is in his near future as he is beginning to notice when he is going more often, with little comments that he just went.

The slideshow and video below help visualize what he’s been up to lately. He helped Aimee make some blueberry pancakes (yum!), helped plant a cherry tree, went to his cousin Shelby’s birthday party, had his first swim of the year, met his new neighbor buddy, demonstrated the proper way to climb into a chair, shopped at Lowe’s, hung out at Uncle Timmy’s for Memorial Day, chased some ducks, and almost pet a chicken. Yesterday he spared some time from his busy schedule to bust some moves on the dance floor, a.k.a the living room.

Leave a comment if you think you know the title of the movie Caleb was dancing to. The song was playing during the movie credits.

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  1. Lauren says:

    Hangover….final montage of photos from the evenings happenings?

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