Tornado Weather – The Army Provides a Fact Sheet

Harry Owen Trucking Co

Harry Owen Trucking CoIt is a little early for tornado season and I can hardly remember the last time a tornado actually hit so close to home, but yesterday morning we saw strong winds and bad weather roll through the Elizabethtown / Hodgenville area. A trucking company (some of it pictured on the right) and a several houses saw the worst of the storm as they were torn to shreds when a funnel cloud touched down for a moment to cause some havoc. Thankfully there were no reports of fatalities.

See the news coverage from a local news source: WHAS11

Aimee was studying for her upcoming class in her car on the ECTC campus when the siren sounded in Etown so she headed into the school-house for shelter and Caleb was at his Montessori school where they use an airplane hangar attached to their building as a safe spot in times of bad weather. Although I did not hear the sirens on Fort Knox and there weren’t any alarms sounding in our office, we were instructed to move to the inner rooms or stairwells of the 900,000 square foot complex for safety.

Today, someone at work shared a Tornado_Fact_Sheet provided by the US Army and I thought I would share it with those visiting this site for situational awareness considering a line from the 1st paragraph says:

While some areas are more prone to tornadoes than others, they can occur anywhere, so it is best to be prepared.

The most important thing to do if see a tornado is find shelter.

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