Trip to Red River Gorge

Last week was filled with excitement as we prepared for our trip to Red River Gorge on Friday. Aimee and I texted back and forth throughout the week about how quickly our trip was coming up and that we couldn’t wait to get away for a bit. I had Friday off, thanks to all you Veterans out there, so we headed out the door shortly after Aimee made it home from her morning class. The drive was a little over 2 hours and Caleb was a happy traveler like always. We stopped for some lunch and then got back on the road.

Once we arrived in the Red River Gorge area, we met up with Phil and his 2 daughters; Erin and Alise to explore into the Daniel Boone National Forest where Aimee visited in her childhood. The entrance to the forest required us to drive through the Nada Tunnel, a hole carved through solid rock only wide enough for one lane of traffic at a time. After a short hike to a suspension bridge we met up with the Mills Family and checked into our housing for the next couple nights, a large 3 bedroom log cabin.

The cabin was everything I expected and more! Big rooms, a game room with a pool table, big wrap-around deck with a hot tub on it, fire pit out back, a kitchen full of amenities, the works… When we weren’t out hiking we were enjoying a comfortable stay in our cabin with friends. Art and Phil are a couple of my cigar buddies so we had our own little Fumadores Cigar Club hangout and broke out the corn hold boards the cabin owners provided. The deck was so large Caleb was able to ride his Strider up and down it.

Caleb had fun playing and chasing the other kids all weekend. Thanks to Ethan, Maya, Alise, and Erin for being so entertaining to him!

Hiking was amazing. We visited several points of interest; Sky Bridge, Angel’s Windows, Natural Bridge, and Chimney Rock. The two bridges were made of large rocks with the bottom middle missing to form a bridge and both trails took us over and around the bridges putting in perspective how high we were.

The weather was perfect in my opinion. It got a bit chilly at night and the wind blew constantly while we were there, but it was nothing to complain about. Thanks to everyone that went with us and we hope to do it again sometime.

Here’s the full slideshow from our camera and be sure to check out Lauren’s pics on Facebook too.


  1. Lauren says:

    Thanks so much for posting this Andy!! As always, you managed to perfectly recap all of our family fun!! Glad we got to hang with your family and can’t wait until the next adventure!

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