Wet and wild adventure to Leitchfield Aquatic Center

School might be back in session, but that doesn’t mean we can’t try to find one more summer adventure before everything closes up. Yesterday we ventured to Leitchfield for some fun in the water. Since school has started the Aquatic Center in Leitchfield is only open on the weekends until Labor Day, but they have more operating hours during the summer in case you want to plan ahead for next year.

This fun water place is only 35 minutes away from our side of town and the weather was perfect for the type of activity we were expecting at the LAC. The entry fee wasn’t bad, the cost was twenty bucks for two adults and a six year old. Food was decently priced as well, three big pieces of pizza was going to cost $9 so we opted for a whole (medium) pizza which had eight regular slices for $10.

Shade was a little sparce, but we managed to snag a spot in the shade when we were relaxing. The rest of the time we were in the water; either in the lazy river, water slide (Caleb was a few inches too short to ride), pool with diving board, lily pads, kiddie spot with a little slide, or the kiddie area with the huge bucket that dumps water when full. There’s enough to do here for hours before realizing it’s time to go home.

It’s hard for me to describe in words how much fun the three of us had so please let the video below do the talking for me!

I might add that the entire place was pretty clean. The men’s restroom looked freshly mopped when we arrived and it seemed that way again when we were getting ready to leave. Sure a lot of wet feet come in and out of there, but I noticed the entire floor to be wet both times I went inside.

For more info about the Aquatic Center check out the city’s page: http://cityofleitchfield.com/cityguide/leitchfield-aquatic-center/

The content for this video was all created with the HTC Re Camera, a waterproof handheld camera that goes where I want to go. Get yours today!


  1. Thanks for your wonderful review.
    Kelly Stevenson
    Leitchfield City Councilman

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