The Best Tips For Winning Big With Giveaways

Hello everyone! I’m very excited to tell anyone willing to listen to me that I won a Jawbone JAMBOX wireless speaker thanks to a giveaway via Cricket Wireless. The wireless speaker connects via Bluetooth to any smartphone, tablet or one of those things that start with a little “i” and can blast music on the go.

I’m not just here to brag about my winnings (I’ve also won a few books, shirts, stickers, and even a smartphone) I also want to tell you how easy it is to enter online giveaways. My policy is, “You can’t win if you don’t enter” when it comes to giveaways. I’ve entered so many that I don’t fool myself with the expectation that I am going to win. It makes the times you do win so much more exciting!

Before you click away please leave a comment if you have won something online and list what it was.

Here are some of my suggestions to find and enter giveaways online:

1. Follow the brands you like.
Brands want people to talk about their products online so others will hear about them via word of mouth. Use social networks to search for your favorite brands; chances are they have a social media presence. Follow them. While these brands don’t host giveaways by the hour, occasionally an event or new product will come up and the opportunity will present itself as they will want to generate some online buzz.

2. Search for keywords.
Social networks with a search box is a sure way to find something to win. When I first joined Twitter, I used keywords like #giveaway, #giftcard and #sweepstakes to look for anything related.

3. E-newsletters.
Although many of us have better things in our email inboxes to look at, this is a good source for learning about upcoming giveaways. In fact, I’m pretty sure that is how I heard about the one Cricket Wireless is hosting. Another giveaway-rich E-newsletter is from MakeUseOf. They review cool tech products and graciously give those review units away.

When you see a popular social network pop up like, Pinterest, you will want to seek out your brands there, because they want followers on the new portal and will have prizes to giveaway to grow their popularity on the network. Pinterest recently announced accounts for businesses so I’m sure we are about to see a wave of this activity.

To enter the specific giveaway that made me as a winner go to their Facebook page, there’s a couple of weeks left to vote on one of the artists listed. The rules say you can vote more than once, but I only entered once and I recommend you play at your own pace. Afterall, entering a giveaway is simply a game so don’t get discouraged if you don’t win (this time). Sooner or later you could win something and if you enter free giveaways you have nothing to lose!

Happy Giveaway hunting!

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